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The energy complexity of your commercial or industrial business processes comes with extra risks & responsibilities but also creates optimization opportunities. Energy21 helps to control the first and seize the second.

Based on our 20 years of experience, we have been able distinguish the key parameters for a regulatory compliant, automated and optimized energy operation. We can advise upon, design, implement and run your energy management processes.

Interested to hear about the how in energy optimization?

Built upon a use case of the planning of a steam boiler (which can be illustrative for other energy generating assets), this webinar offers practical tips on getting started.

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Interview: the two main challenges for large energy users

In the run up to CIED, Energy21’s CCO Michiel Kuiper states that companies won’t gain a euro or even save a gram of CO2, if they do not manage to overcome two main challenges first.

Energy21 Guide

Our Energy21 Guide for Industrial & Commercial Energy users distinguishes the key parameters for an efficient energy operation.

It starts with the foundation: organizing your energy data landscape. Next is orchestrating your regulative, financial & operational responsibilities and working towards a sustainable and optimized energy programme. Scroll down to take a deeper dive or download as PDF.

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1. Data organization

Can you collect, trust and understand your data?

  • Master data management
  • Collect meter readings
  • Quantitative validation
  • Data completion & corrections
  • Visualization & analytics

2. Financial & Regulative Accountability

Do your numbers match?

  • Market processes
    • Fluent settlement & imbalance allocation
    • Efficient sourcing strategy & supply obligation fulfilment
    • Transparant internal cost structures
  • Closed Distribution System incl. 3rd party access:
    • Regulation & Tax Compliancy
    • Manage grid user contracts & tariffs
    • Correct billing

3. Operational Responsibility

Are you meeting your production targets?

  • Asset Planning
  • Grid Capacity Planning
  • Short-term forecasting of demand and supply
  • Correct positioning of obligations and assets
  • ISO 50.001 compliancy

4. Sourcing & Production Optimization

What is your next big saving?

  • Continuous improvement of production & multi-utility energy planning
  • Pre-define operational scenarios
  • Commercial Dispatch
  • Analyse the financial potential of flexibility
  • Optimize flexibility
  • Monitor carbon footprint


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